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  • Wide variety of sizes

  • Easy to assemble/move

  • Choice between 14- and

       16-year warrantee


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  • Custom made and fitted liners​

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Fixes all leaks


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  • Fits any shape or size

  • Prevents water loss

  • Long life expectancy

Flexi Linings Dam and Reservoir Liners

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  • Available in 900g/1000g

  • Warrantee up until 16 years

  • Comes with our logo embossed on it

  • Corrugated Roofs built to stand the test of time requiring no maintenance and with manhole to access contents of reservoir.

  • Covers based on specific application eg 99% shade nets for a reservoir of Koi, a PVC (550gsm) Lining for a reservoir filled with grain, water or liquid fertiliser. 

  • Prevents water (product) loss

  • Prevents cross- contamination 

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Wonderful WINTER special

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