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Flexi Linings provide water-tight solutions across Southern Africa.


Only lining with a 16 year guarantee!

Flexi Linings is the original developer of specialised superior quality linings which have stood the test of time. Our flagship lining has a 16 year guarantee, giving you the quality assurance that our products will last.

Flexi Linings is the original developer of the specialised  1000g/sqm liner which has stood the test of time. All our PVC Linings are reinforced with polyester base cloth and remains the toughest, most durable, flexible liner on the market.

Strongest on the market

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Tested & Certified

Our linings are SABS tested, and certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre so you can be certain that your liner is safe and reliable and prevents cross contamination. Flexi linings are safe for any use from protecting potable drinking water (safe for human and animal consumption or in dams containing fish)  to reservoirs containing  toxic waste or liquid fertiliser (to prevent pollution/ contamination of the surrounding environment).

      Tested and                           Certified


Quality Guaranteed

Every  specialised Flexi Linings liner that you order from us will come with our logo as well as the weight of the liner embossed on it so you guaranteed of getting the superior quality you are paying for. Our guaranteed liners (the 1000, 900 and 850g/sqm) are black and contain UV stabilisers so the liners don’t get brittle and last, despite prolonged exposure to the sun. All welding is done by means of a high-frequency welding process ensuring it remains waterproof.

Other specifications




  • 850g/sqm

  • 900g/sqm

  • 1000g/sqm

10 years

14 years

16 years

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